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Turbocharge your ClickBank affiliate sales!

ClickBank® MarketPlace Affiliate Storefront - FREE!

Open a Free ClickBank storefront. Your ClickBank store contains all ClickBank products. Our product database is updated daily, so you always have the newest products. The ClickBank® MarketPlace Affiliate Storefront features:
  • Cloaked hoplinks that you can use anywhere. Just copy the links from your store to add to blogs, forums, anywhere you don't want your affiliate link to show.
  • Customizable look. Select from over a dozen different templates. Add your own store name and tagline.
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Complete up-to-date catalog index
  • Instant activation
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ClickBank® Product Ad Builder - FREE!

Put Google Adsense-type ads for ClickBank products on your website. Our free ClickBank Ad Builder delivers ads for ClickBank products based on keywords you specify, or, you can choose to let it pull keywords from your web page! Send sales through the roof by advertising high conversion products that are related to your content. Customize the look to fit your site.
  • Ads are based on your keywords
  • Optionally, let the adserver pick ads based on your page keywords
  • Rotating ads pull the highest converting ClickBank products that fit your page
  • Affiliate links are cloaked
  • Product database is updated daily, so your ads are always fresh
  • Choose how many ads to show
  • Customize the look of your adblocks to blend with your site.
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ClickBank® MarketPlace Product Datafeed

The new XML feed from the Clickbank Marketplace is a great idea, but if you've tried to work with it, you know what a pain it can be. Here's some pain relief. We're taking the daily updated feed from ClickBank and converting it to something you can really use- tab and pipe delimited files for easy use with apps like Excel and MS Access, and a MySQL table that you can insert right into your own database.

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ClickBank® MarketPlace Statistics - FREE!

Check out our new stats section. Everything you need to know about Clickbank Marketplace products. Find out what's hot, what's not, what's new, and what's dropped. Stop wasting time and money promoting products that don't sell, or aren't even in the program anymore. Use our stats to pick the highest converting and best paying products.

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ClickBank Calculators - FREE!

Calculators for ClickBank Affiliates and Vendors. Calculate commissions, set retail pricing, set vendor and affiliate net profit and more.

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