…at CBDealer, our mantra, “never sacrifice integrity for growth,” guides our work and relationships. We serve a growing number of customers who seek a reliable and high-quality source of hemp extracts. We believe in equipping our customers with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions that help them and their businesses grow.

The foremost wholesale supplier/distributor
of CBD concentrates

Quality Meets Demand


CBDealer has partnered with some of the most advanced and capable extraction labs, with little to no limitations on safely shipping CBD products virtually worldwide. Our focus is on the delivery of the highest quality hemp extracts with scalable solutions to allow your business to confidently prepare for the future.

Premium Grade

Biomass Processing

We are currently offering processing solutions for biomass owners interested in tolling and split agreements. With a growing number of farmer’s shifting their focus to cultivating hemp, we aim to provide you with access to labs that can quickly and efficiently process your crop. We have over 200,000 lbs of monthly processing capacity available between our participating labs.

Tools of the Trade

CBD Business Solutions

Our network of partners who offer a number of small business solutions was built with CBD small business owners in mind. With 10 years of experience working directly with small business owners in every industry, we offer you tailored financing, merchant processing and insurance solutions.   

Crafted With Intent

Wellness Products

We believe that the first step in achieving wellness is to become aware of what you are introducing into your body. Our CBD based products are made with the purest and most effective hemp derived ingredients created with the intent to provide your body with the fuel it needs to achieve a state of balance.

“Not only are we passionate about inspiring the betterment of ourselves, we are also very committed to repairing our planet. This simple commitment to positive transformation is who we are at our core.”



CBDealer’s network of labs include the only GMP certified lab in the US serving businesses seeking small to large quantity orders of CBD crude oil, full spectrum distillate, and isolate. An integral part of our vetting process is identifying extraction labs that operate under the highest standards for quality production and customer excellence while ensuring that a strong code of ethics and high level of transparency is unparalleled.  

Current Product Offerings

  • Crude Oil
  • Full Spectrum Distillate
  • CBD Isolate
  • THC Free Crude Oil
  • THC Free Distillate
  • Biomass Processing

Spot purchases and supply contract options available.


Seeds & Clones

Strategically partnered with some of Colorado’s highly acclaimed and award winning hemp growers and breeders, we offer our client’s the highest Cannabidiol content seed and clone varieties for optimal extraction and post refinement efficiency.

Inventory includes (But Not Limited To) the following:


Cherry x T1(Trump) = CHERRY MAGA
Cherry x Baox = KRIS KRINGLE
Cherry x Cherry Wine = CHERRYTELLO
Cherry x Wife = MELANIA
Healing Heart x Cherry Wine = LOVE AFFAIR
T1(Trump) x Cherry Wine = FAKE NEWS
T1 (Trump) x T1 (Trump) = ALTER EGO
And Many More…


Healing Heart
Early Bird
Colorado Cherry
Berry Blossom
Sweet Grass
Cat’s Meow
Cherry Wine

"All health and environmental problems are the result of an imbalance. We believe that the best way to bring about positive change in our world is by first raising awareness around the importance of bringing our bodies back to balance."

Biomass Processing

As a hemp biomass owner, having access to reliable and knowledgeable processors who can guarantee efficient conversions is necessary to operating a successful hemp business. Through our growing network of partnering labs we have over 200,000 lbs of monthly processing capacity available. For more information please give us a call or fill out form below and we will have a representative reach out to you shortly.

“At CBDealer, we only offer the highest quality hemp extracts that are free of any heavy metals, pesticides as well as residual solvents. We believe providing this additional information on every single batch of product will empower consumers to make educated decisions.”

Business Solutions and Services

With years of experience tending to small business owners in almost every industry, we understand the importance of forging relationships with service providers that are essential to your company’s success.

Through our network partners we offer tailored financing, merchant processing, and insurance solutions providing the necessary tools to help build and/or strengthen the foundation of your business.  

Financing Solutions

We’ve partnered with lenders that specialize in providing working capital for CBD businesses that are in revenue as well as start ups. Solutions include: merchant cash advances, factoring, and debt financing.  

Merchant Processing

Having a reliable merchant processor for your CBD business is integral to increasing retail sales. Our partners provide the most innovative solutions that help drive sales up while keeping your operating costs down.

Coverage & Insurance

Transacting in the hemp and CBD space can be tricky, which is why we sought out industry experts that provide insurance solutions covering everything from hemp crop insurance to loss coverage if product seized mid transport.

Wellness Products

Our love for quality CBD and products made with Hemp Extracts, whether they are concentrates or formulations designed to increase your level of wellbeing, has inspired us to launch CBRemeDi.

Living during a time where we must question the quality of everything (from the water we drink to the air we breathe), we pay extra close attention to how our ingredients are sourced and manufactured. All of our supply partners are highly trusted and GMP compliant to ensure consistency in quality and reliability.

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