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ClickBank® MarketPlace Datafeed

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Download the ClickBank® MarketPlace Datafeed as
a tab or pipe delimited text file, or as a MySQL table.

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We've taken the hassle out of using the ClickBank® MarketPlace XML Datafeed. Now you can download the entire ClickBank® MarketPlace catalog in a format that you can easily work with. Use the delimited text files with MS Access or Excel, or to populate your own ClickBank® MarketPlace application, or import the MySQL table into your database.

You can save hours of work for just pennies a day! Subscribe to our ClickBank® MarketPlace Datafeed service and download any or all of the catalog files.

Updated daily

ClickBank® publishes an updated XML file at 5amPT everyday. Our software grabs the new XML file, then builds and publishes the new datafeed files, all within an hour of the ClickBank® update. The datafeed files are updated daily, so your ClickBank® MarketPlace is always fresh.

Automate downloads

The ClickBank® MarketPlace Datafeed files are directly available to your application. You can pass login credentials and the file request via a single URL. Encode the URL request in your application to automatically update your data. Terms
Your subscription is subject to these terms:
  • Raw downloaded files are for your use only. You can use the files any way you wish, including reselling any application that incorporates processed data from the files. However, you may not make the raw files or data available to any third party in any manner.
  • In order to control bandwidth consumption and keep subscription prices low, you are limited to two downloads per day of each of the files, for a daily total of up to six downloads. The second download is in case you have a problem with your initial download of any file. If you are unable to download a file after your second attempt, contatct S1M Support and we will email the files to you.
  • This service is entirely contigent on the availability of the ClickBank® MarketPlace XML Datafeed. Source 1 Media will attempt to quickly mitigate any problem with the feed, but we assume no responsibility for problems with the feed beyond our control.
  • The ClickBank® MarketPlace XML Datafeed is updated daily at approximately 8:00am ET and the updated datafeed files are available for download at approximately 8:30am ET. Occasional problems with the ClickBank® MarketPlace XML Datafeed may result in the updated datafeed files being posted at a later time.
  • We will make every effort to ensure the integrity of the datafeed files. However, problems with the XML source may compromise the integrity and usability of the datafeed files. We strongly suggest that you retain the previous day's files for rollback purposes, and verify the current files before using them. Source 1 Media accepts no responsibility for damages arising from the use of corrupted feed files.